Amanda Foxx: Set 5 (MP4)

Amanda Foxx: Set 5 (MP4)
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Amanda Foxx: Set 5
Total time: 34 minutes 45 seconds

1. Relief Denied (MP4) - Amanda Foxx
11 minutes 55 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 551.8 MB

Amanda has been grabbed by a man who forces her to drive to a remote location. Here, he will hand Amanda over to someone else, but his contact has been delayed by several hours. While they wait, the man forces Amanda to stay in the car. As time passes, Amanda feels the urge to pee. This grows worse as her bladder fills and then distends. As she approaches her limit, Amanda puts a hand up her skirt and presses between her legs to help her maintain control. She's really bursting and begs the man to let her get out and relieve herself. He refuses, and also adds that she had better not pee on the car seat. Faced with an impossible situation, Amanda ultimately must disobey his instructions when an accident is truly imminent. She tells him she can't wait any longer and steps out of the car. When he orders her not to go anywhere, Amanda is forced to stand there and wet herself. Pee streams down her legs and forms a puddle on the partially-frozen ground. Her skirt, pantyhose and shoes are all soaked as she continues to piss. When she finally finishes, the man tells her she is not getting back into the car in that state, and orders her to continue standing where she is.

2. The Last Thing She Needed (MP4) - Amanda Foxx
8 minutes 47 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 407.1 MB

Amanda arrives home from work desperate to pee. The last thing she needs is to be intercepted and delayed, but that is exactly what occurs. An armed man blocks her path to the front door, making her walk away from the house instead. Amanda pleads with him to let her go in and use the bathroom but he refuses. She warns him that she is about to wet her pants, but rather than have sympathy for her, he seems a little fascinated. Amanda leaks and a small wet patch appears on her jeans. She manages to hold the rest in, but she is clearly desperate to go and very close to losing control. She leaks a little more, struggling to stop pissing in her clothes. She manages to maintain control for a few more seconds, then a wet patch begins spreading around her crotch before spreading down her thighs. The man forces her to turn around, giving him a view of the back of her jeans. They are soaked. Amanda is clearly embarrassed to be watched as she pees herself, but she doesn't have a choice. Seeing that she is shivering with cold, he finally allows her to return to the house, walking behind her all the way and admiring her thoroughly wet jeans.

3. I Know You Want Me To Wait (MP4) - Amanda Foxx
14 minutes 03 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 648.4 MB

Amanda is standing in the bathroom, dying to pee but making herself hold it because she knows you want to watch her wait. Standing there directly in front of a toilet when her bladder is full is agonizing, and she gets twinges which makes her bend forward. She talks directly to you, saying she hopes that you are enjoying watching her suffer, and she is only doing it for your benefit. As the minutes pass, Amanda gasps more and more frequently until she feels she is on the verge of losing control. Just before it is too late, she pulls down her panties and drops onto the toilet with obviously relief. You get to watch her pee and finally relax.