Becca Set 8 (MP4) - 69 minutes

Becca Set 8 (MP4) - 69 minutes
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Becca Set 8

Total time: 69 minutes

1. Please Pull My Skirt Up
23 minutes 56 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 1,110.1 MB

Becca is being held prisoner with her arms tied above her head. She has been standing like this for some time under the supervision of the man guarding her. In fact, it has been so long that her bladder is full and she badly needs to pee. She asks her guard to release her for a few minutes and allow her to use the bathroom, but he refuses to help her. Becca carries on controlling herself, but she is getting desperate to go and worries that she can't hold it much longer. She pleads with her guard again, but he remains adamant. When it is clear that Becca will soon wet herself, the man says that he could help by lifting her skirt, pulling her panties down and holding something between her legs to pee in. Becca is very reluctant at first, but her desperation compels her to agree. To add to her humiliation, the guard makes her ask him to pull her skirt up before he will help her. Becca asks, and instead of just pulling up her skirt, he starts feeling her thighs, enjoying making her wait for relief. Little by little, he pulls her skirt up and lingers a while before tugging her panties down, bringing the poor girl ever closer to peeing herself. Finally, with her clothing out of the way, Becca feels the man push a glass tube between her legs. She is so embarrassed that she cannot release, and asks him to set the tube down and walk away. Reluctantly, he does so, and Becca is finally able to release all that pent up urine. Not surprisingly, her guard is reluctant to put her clothes back on her afterwards, leaving her standing there exposed and helpless.

2. Padlocked Jeans
45 minutes 28 seconds - 1920x1080 pixels - bitrate 6 Mbps - MP4: 2,105.9 MB

It's time to place Becca in an impossible situation. First of all, we get her to a state where she needs to pee, then her jeans are padlocked, making sure that she cannot unbutton them or pull them down. We then sit her in her own car (giving her an added incentive not to lose control) and pass a chain around her waist and the back of her seat, padlocking this in place too so that getting out is impossible.We then sit with Becca as she is forced to hold her pee, encouraging her to drink more liquid along the way. To begin with, Becca copes well with her situation, but as time passes and her bladder gets fuller, she starts to become concerned about the possibility of wetting her car seat. When it transpires that the keys to the padlocks are inside the house, about as out of reach as they could possibly be, Becca seriously starts to worry that she will be forced to pee in her car. After making her wait until she is close to losing control, we recover the key and free her from the chain. She climbs out of the car, but still unable to pull down her jeans she is forced to wet her pants. Well, she was doomed from the start really.