Gynecologist (WMV)

Gynecologist (WMV)
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16 mins - 213.1 MB - SD (640x480 pixels)
Lily has a delicate medical problem that requires the attention of a gynecologist. She has been asked to arrive for her exam with a full bladder. The movie opens with her sitting in the waiting room struggling not to wet herself. At last, the doctor calls her in and instructs her to go behind the screen and remove all her clothes. Embarrassed, Lily asks if she can at least keep her underwear on, but the doctor says it would be difficult to exam her through panties. We see Lily disrobe behind the screen and then lay on the examination table waiting for attention, squirming because her bladder is extremely full. Before the gynecologist can examine her, however, he is called away for an urgent consult, leaving the women lying on the table trying not to lose control. He is gone so long that she does exactly that, returning just after her humiliating accident. He tells Lily to get cleaned up and make another appointment. Lily gathers up her clothes and uses them to partially cover her nakedness as she heads off to the ladies to wash and re-dress herself.