League of Desperate Ladies 1 (WMV)

League of Desperate Ladies 1 (WMV)
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24 mins - 267.2 MB - SD (640x480 pixels)

Imagine trawling through yellow pages and finding an agency called The League of Desperate Ladies. It is an organization comprised of beautiful women who come to your home and, for three hours, drink as much liquid as you tell them to. The rules are simple: They have to hold it for the full three hours you've paid for or forfeit the agency's rather hefty fee. It will never make a profit if its employees can't last the course. You have hired Emily. Naturally, you want to enjoy yourself without paying the agency, so you have to make sure that she either wets herself or gives in and runs to the bathroom before the three hours are up. Do you think you can do that? Let's find out...