Carissa Holds It For Hours (WMV)

Carissa Holds It For Hours (WMV)
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111 mins - 1,347.4 MB - SD (640x480 pixels)

It's Carissa's turn to test her limits by holding it for hours. Carissa fills the first hour with many desperation stories as she works her way through several bottle of water and rather a lot of coffee. She starts to quieten down after that as her desire to pee grows. Along the way, Carissa spills coffee on her top during the movie and takes it off (clothes removal was planned, but this served as the trigger to get started). Over a period of about 10 minutes, Carissa removes other items of clothing as her desperation increases until she is squirming and pee dancing in nothing but her thigh high stockings. Check your pulse rate lads; you may need to medicate before watching this movie! When Carissa reaches bursting point, she jumps up, grabs the glass tube and pees directly into it, releasing an impressive 940 millilitres (31.8 fluid ounces, equivalent to nearly 2 U.S. pints or 1.59 English pints).