Briella Wets Her Jeans (WMV)

Briella Wets Her Jeans (WMV)
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19 mins - 385.0 MB - SD (640x480 pixels)

In this scenario-free movie, we just watch as Briella drinks water and squirms around in a pair of jeans, holding a full blaeer. She does a lot of leg crossing and pacing as she holds on. When she does wet her jeans, the event is captured by two cameras. Briella pees quite a lot, but she is not a model who produces huge floods. She has a smaller bladder and, rather like Lily, tends to need to go often but in one-pint amounts rather than two! The intensity of the need to go is the same of course. After peeing in the jeans, Briella takes them off and holds them up for the viewer to see. She does not remove her panties, however. (The wetting sequence is filmed with two stationary cameras and both viewpoints are included).