I'm About to Wet Myself (WMV)

I'm About to Wet Myself (WMV)
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19 mins - 348.2 MB - SD (640x480 pixels)

Shauna has gone down to the company's storeroom to collect some cleaning material for her office. Unfortunately, the door closes behind her and the only way to open it is from the outside. This is a disaster because Shauna is dying to pee and was planning a visit to the ladies room as soon as she had collected the supplies. She calls the security desk and asks the guard to come down and open the door for her. She waves up at the security camera, aware that he can see her. When the guard explains that he cannot leave his post until his colleague returns from lunch to cover the desk and cameras, Shauna begins to panic. She asks how long that will be and is told about 20 minutes. Here she is forced to admit to her situation and says that she cannot wait for 20 minutes. The guard is apologetic but says there is nothing he can do. Shauna hangs up and tries to open the storeroom windows, but they are sealed. She can't attract the attention of anyone outside, so she has no choice but to pace up and down, crossing her legs and dancing around trying to suppress her urgent desire to pee. As things become critical, she makes another call to try to persuade the guard to leave his desk unattended just for a minute to let her out, before it is too late! Still he refuses, and soon after this Shauna has an accident on the storeroom floor in full view of the security camera. (Behind the Scenes: This begins with Shauna tied to a chair since she has just finished acting out a bondage video. She says "I had to pee about 15 minutes ago pretty badly." She says she was glad to be tied in a sitting position, and that once she stands up "it won't be long." Of course, she has an entire desperation video to play out before she can go, so it is safe to say that she started (once again) from a very desperate place. Her pee dancing and little whimpers are very engaging and make you feel compassion for her in her terrible predicament. For someone who has never tried doing pee desperation movies before, she took to it remarkably well).